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The spring and summer months is the best time for turf diseases to thrive and spread. Here are a few of the most common diseases for you to watch for in the coming months. If you notice any of the following, or are just not sure, give us a call!

Brown Patch: is the most common turf disease in our area. This disease is circular patches of thin grass. A dark, smoky ring may appear around the patch in the early morning hours. During the day it shows up as light brown or straw colored. This usually occurs in hot, moist conditions. 

Dollar Spot: is a disease that shows up as bleached spots about the size of silver dollars. These spots are numerous and may overlap other spots to product more, bigger, defined spots. This disease occurs from late spring to late fall.

Watch Out!

For grubs and mole crickets this season. Both grubs and mole crickets can be hazardous to your lawn. Grubs are types of beetles that feed on the roots of your grass. They can start as early as spring and continue as late as late fall. Mole crickets like to feed mostly on newly seeded turfs and are more active at night.

A sign of grubs or mole crickets is a bumpy feel to your lawn as you walk and lines of dead or dried out grass. These insects can be treated with an insecticide so if you see any signs, give us a call.

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