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Core Aeration

If you are someone lucky enough to spend a lot of your time outside, you may notice some things that very few other people do. This may be something related to birds in your area or the fact that you know where the stars are when you're looking for a specific constellation. It may also have to do with something as seemingly mundane as just how much moisture different substances retain. If you've ever gone to a Christmas tree farm, you might be amazed at just how quickly certain areas get damp and how long they stay that way. There are often piles of pine needles that have fallen, and it is frequently the wettest part of the property. No matter what time of year or how little rain we've had, that pile always seems to be at least lightly damp. This is where you might realize that's one of the reasons why pine needles are such a valuable resource for people trying to grow beautiful lawns and other plants.

Pine needles are such a common substance around any pine tree that you often don't think of them as useful, but they are one of the best tools that can be put in a landscaper's kit. Not only can they help to increase the appearance of the property, but they hold moisture so well that they can help to keep plants and the grass damp to facilitate growth. Pine needles may not be the best thing to walk over barefoot, but they are most definitely a great item to have around your property. We always suggest mapping out your desired appearance with your landscaper, but many people don't even think about including pine needles instead of the more standard style of mulch. While both are great options, pine needles have certain benefits depending on what else you have on the property that we can help you enjoy.

If you are someone with property that needs a bit of love and care, give Southern Pride Landscape Management a call. We can help you from the first step to long term care to anything that comes afterwards. Whether you want a simple package or a full workup for your property, we can work with you to get your land looking beautiful for a price that you can afford. Call us, and see how much we can help your appearance with a bit of time and a few pine needles today!

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Core Aeration

Having a property that requires any level of lawn care can be more of an undertaking than people realize. While it is often a dream that many people have to have a lawn to take care of, having to stay on top of things like mowing can soon make it seem more like a nightmare. This is especially true when you have someone who is chronically ill, elderly, or even allergic to cut grass. You never want to have to take a strong allergy pill before or while mowing the lawn in case they make you drowsy, but what else can you do to make sure that the grounds are cared for properly?

Thankfully, there are third party services that can handle it for you, and we have extensive experience in the industry. We offer all kinds of lawn care services, and are able to work with every budget and need. We offer two different packages of lawn and grounds maintenance, and can also accommodate you on an individual level to make sure that you have a customized care plan. Our ground maintenance package includes the basics such as mowing, weeding, cleaning off debris from pavement, patios, and porches, leaf removal, and shrubbery trimming. This is a wonderful package and we know that we can make your property look great with just these few simple jobs.

If you are interested in ensuring your grounds always look award-winning, however, our ground and chemical maintenance package is the way to go. In addition to everything that you get in our basic package, you also get crabgrass control, additional weed care, fertilizer, and fall aeration. This will make sure that your property is always lush, green, beautiful, and ready for whatever nature may throw at it. The difference in the chemical maintenance package is noticeable right off the bat, and better withstands the tests of nature.

It is worth mentioning again that if either of these packages don't seem to handle exactly what you need, we do offer customized packages for your property. This means that no matter what you need for your grounds to look stellar, you can rely on us. We know how difficult it can be to get your lawn to look the way you want it, but with residential and commercial lawn care available, you don't ever have to worry again. Give us a call, and see what we can do for you today!

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Core Aeration

Trying to get things to grow is never an easy task. Whether you're talking about something notoriously difficult, such as orchids, or something simple like grass, getting plants to actually stay alive can seem like a chore. Some simply tend to blame the soil, and will do their best to avoid ever talking about the subject again. The truth is, though, if you're trying to help your lawn stay healthy, you may not be the one preventing the growth. It may actually be the soil working against you. Thankfully, we have something that can help.

Core aeration is a process by which we essentially turn over the earth much like we would if we were planning on farming crops. The result is different, however, due to the reduced scale that we do it on. However, we are still reaching into the soil with our machine, and breaking up some of that soil. It loosens the soil which allows air, water, and nutrients in the dirt to flow, helping any type of growth that we try to facilitate in that area. It may not sound like much, but it can make all the difference in the world.

The tricky part about core aeration is that while you can technically do it at any point of the year when the ground isn't frozen, there are certain times to do it that are better than others. This mostly correlates to what kind of grass you want to grow in that specific area. If you want cool seasoned grasses, such as Tall Fescue, you won't want to aerate until early fall. However, if you want warm season grasses, such as Bermuda, now is the perfect time to start looking into core aeration. It really comes down to what you as a property owner are looking for.

If you are interested in growing a beautiful lawn, but can't seem to get anything to work, call Southern Pride Landscape Management today to learn more about core aeration. We can help you with any type of grass growth. We know how tricky getting the perfect lawn can be, which is why we do what we do. Core Aeration just might be the quick fix to getting your property to look dazzling!

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Core Aeration

When it comes to landscaping, there are few things as useful, yet as fickle as a retaining wall; as valuable as both a legitimate structure, and as a decorative option. Many people don't realize just how useful they are both to keep everything where it belongs, and to make the property more visually appealing. The thing about retaining walls, however, is that they need to be done right or else they can end up doing more harm than good. 

A retaining wall is a structure that is designed to keep soil on an unnatural, sheer, or extremely steep slope. Often, they are used to ensure that landslides won't happen when there is a sudden change in elevation on a property. Whether this change is natural or not, it is always important to keep people, and the property itself, safe. This can be built using landscape timbers or rocks, cut stones, concrete blocks, or other sturdy materials. The issue often becomes that the erosion can eat into the wall itself, which causes more danger over time.

A poorly built retaining wall is extremely dangerous. Depending on the conditions it's built in, a fallen wall can cause injury, property damage, or worse. Be sure to analyze your surroundings when looking to build. If not much seperates the prospective site for the wall and, say, a road, then this could put lives at risk. Where the wall is built should be handled with much care, but many possible issues can be solved with a sturdy wall and a good foundation.

If you want to talk about installing a retaining wall on your property, call Southern Pride Landscape Management. We take great pride in our work, and will do everything we can to make sure that your land and the people who may be on the property at any given time are safe. Structures like retaining walls are not to be taken lightly, so get yourself a company who knows what they're doing. Call us today!

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